My life in a shell

       I was "conceived" at a cocoa farm in the Bahia State, Northeast of Brazil, but was given birth in Sao Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world.
       The mixture of "mood" from both places is responsible for whom I am. From Itabuna I learned to enjoy life and people, and everything about hospitality. From Sao Paulo I learned to work hard, to like new technologies, to stay ahead...
       I had a wonderful, happy infancy and adolescence in Itabuna. Then, in 1975, 15 years old, I moved to Sao Paulo, where I studied first in a public schooll, then at a private one and, finally, at the University of Sao Paulo. There I got an Advertising & Marketing degree in '84, then moved back to Itabuna.
       That was a short stay, since I'd soon be flying to England, where I spent a great year attending the BBC Production and Directing Course Overseas. I'm proud to say I was the only Brazilian ever to attend this course and the highlight of it.
       In early '86 I returned to Itabuna and spent the two years planning and building Radio Morena, a FM station that deeply innovated regional radio since '87.
       Today I also manage a record label (Jupara Records), the main regional newspaper in south of Bahia (A Região), and a hosting company (
       I write a weekly column on marketing and business for A Região, plus an editorial for it; host a talk show (Mesa Pra 2) on Morena FM, do a podcast (at and post daily at Twittter (@marcelleal).
       I speak English fluently and can understand Spanish and Italian... am a Linux (OpenSuse) user since 1998 (and very happy with it). Once had 17 cats, now only three, plus a dog. Have a wonderful wife, Sandra, and an amazing daughter, Kira.
       I was a Star Correspondent at the Los Angeles based radio program World Chart Show. Traveled a lot in Europe, California and Florida (US) and Brazil. Like to read, watch TV series and films, travel, play games in a PS4 (PES, Far Cry, RDR, GTA V...) That's me.

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